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Dec 03 2011

All Saints Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Manhattan

All Saints Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Manhattan. Photo 1

All Saints Ukrainian Orthodox Church is a small church located at 11th Street in East Village, Manhattan. It's building was constructed in 1851 for the Welsh Congregational Church. In 1944 the building was sold to the Free Magyar Reformed Church of New York. In 1960 it was converted to an off-Broadway playhouse. In 1971 it resumed use as a church operated by the All Saints Ukrainian Orthodox Church of NYC.

Oct 30 2011

Holy Trinity Ukrainian Church, Manhattan

Church of San Salvadore

The Holy Trinity Ukrainian Church is a former San Salvatore Episcopal church building located at Broome Street in Manhattan. The original church was dedicated in January 1903. San Salvatore was central to the lives of residents of Little Italy district. With time the Little Italy neighborhood changed. Chinatown spread into the streets once populated almost exclusively by Italian and Jewish families. San Salvatore eventually became home to Holy Trinity Ukrainian Church.