May 20 2011

Flushing Ganesh Temple, Queens

Flushing Ganesh Temple, Queens. Image 1

The Hindu Temple Society of North America ("Society"), a non-profit religious institution was incorporated on January 26, 1970, under the laws of the State of New York. Soon thereafter, the Society acquired from the Russian Orthodox Church a site on which the present Temple is situated. It was in this small frame house that daily rituals were performed and weekend services conducted by volunteer priests, until the present structure, designed in accordance with the Agama Sastras (scriptures relating to temple building), was completed early in 1977, and the Temple consecrated on July 4 of the same year.

May 25 2011

Hanmaum Zen Center of New York, Brooklyn

Daehaeng Kun Sunim (the Great Master Daehaeng) established the first Hanmaum Seon (Zen) Center in Anyang city, just south of Seoul in 1972. There she began to teach people about their own true nature and how to rely on that nature.

May 22 2011

Masjid Hazrat Abu Bakr Islamic Center, Queens

Contact info:
141-49 33rd Ave
Flushing, NY 11354

Jun 03 2011

Old Quaker Meeting House, Queens

Old Quaker Meeting House, Queens. Image 1

The Old Quaker Meeting House has been used by the Flushing Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends as a house of worship for over 300 years. The house remains today much as when it was first built, with dark, warm floorboards, simple benches and hand-hewn timber ceiling beams. To step across the threshold is to leave the present behind and to enter a profoundly sacred space seasoned by centuries of devotion. To those who visit, the Meeting House is a peaceful reminder of an eventful and historic past.

May 08 2011

St. George's Church in Flushing, Queens

St. George's Church in Flushing, Queens. Image 1

St. George's Church is an intercultural, multilingual Episcopal congregation in Flushing, New York with members from over twenty different nations of origin. A landmark church, it has served an ever changing congregation for over 300 years.

Aug 18 2013

St. John's Episcopal Church, Queens

St. John's Episcopal Church is a christian church located at the cross of Sanford avenue and 149 place in Murray Hill, Queens. The parish was established in the 1890s. The present neo-gothic church building was built in 1920 as a replacement of an earlier church that had burned down.

Jan 27 2012

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Flushing, Queens

St. Nicholas Church is a greek orthodox christian church in Flushing, New York. The parish was founded in 1955, the building was officially opened on March 28, 1971, but finally consecrated on June 4, 1989.