Jul 19 2011

Elmhurst Baptist Church, Queens

Elmhurst Baptist Church, Queens. Image 1

The Elmhurst Baptist Church was organized September 19, 1900, at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Avard L. Dunlop, 39 Vietor Place. Reverand Charles J. Keevel, Pastor of the Woodside Baptist Church, assumed leadership of the group, and was the preacher at this time. The first preaching service took place on Sunday afternoon, October 7, 1900 in a small room in the Cord Meyer Block, on Broadway.

Oct 09 2011

Old St. James Episcopal Church, Queens

Old St. James Episcopal Church, Queens. Photo 1

St. James Church, also known as Church of England in America, Mission Church at Newton, St. James Protestant Episcopal Church, Parish Hall, Community Hall is a historic Episcopal church at 86-02 Broadway in Elmhurst, Queens, New York. It was built in 1735 and is the oldest surviving Anglican building in the City of New York. It is the oldest Church of England mission church in New York City.

Jul 19 2011

St. Bartholomew's Church, Queens

St. Bartholomew's Roman Catholic Church was established in 1906. The first services were held in the Union League Clubhouse, and later at the Baptist Church on Whitney Avenue. Through the efforts of the Rev. Jeremiah J. Heafy, rector of the parish since its organization, a church was built in 1911. Located on Fourth Street near Whitney Avenue, the first church had an exterior of light pressed brick with terra cotta and sandstone trimmings.

Oct 09 2011

St. James Episcopal Church in Elmhurst, Queens

St. James Episcopal Church in Elmhurst, Queens. Photo 1

St. James Church is an anglican episcopal church located at Broadway street in Elmhurst, Queens. It was founded in 1704 under a royal charter granted to the Church of England and is one of the oldest churches in New York City. The current campus encompasses two sides of Broadway and includes a modern church, a parish hall, a cloister, and a cemetery.

Jul 19 2011

The Reformed Church of Newtown, Queens

The Reformed Church of Newtown, Queens. Image 1

The Reformed Church of Newtown was founded in 1731 by Dutch-speaking farmers and tradesmen. New York had originally been "New Amsterdam," a Dutch Colony, and although the early members of Newtown were from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, they held their services in the Dutch language still common in the community then called "Newtown."