Oct 30 2011

Holy Trinity Ukrainian Church, Manhattan

Church of San Salvadore

The Holy Trinity Ukrainian Church is a former San Salvatore Episcopal church building located at Broome Street in Manhattan. The original church was dedicated in January 1903. San Salvatore was central to the lives of residents of Little Italy district. With time the Little Italy neighborhood changed. Chinatown spread into the streets once populated almost exclusively by Italian and Jewish families. San Salvatore eventually became home to Holy Trinity Ukrainian Church.

Apr 17 2011

Mahayana Buddhist Temple in Manhattan

Mahayana Buddhist Temple in Manhattan. Image 1

Having spent several decades in building and completing the first Chinese Buddhist retreat in New York, Mrs. Ying then stopped and looked around to see what else is needed in Greater New York. She discovered that the Buddhist temples in the city are, even after these many years, still essentially all storefront temples.

May 21 2011

St. Barbara Greek Orthodox Church, Manhattan

St. Barbara Greek Orthodox Church, Manhattan. Image 1

Saint Barbara was founded in 1926 by struggling immigrants, this magnificent structure once a synagogue, has provided and continues to provide the greatest comfort of our beloved Martyr Saint Barbara. As the patron Saint of firefighters and the artillery, Saint Barbara was a haven to those who fought during World War II. The Church at that time was a thriving community with newly arriving families from Greece finding religious solace at her door.