Dec 09 2012

Blue Cliff buddhist monastery in Pine Bush, NY

Blue Cliff buddhist monastery in Pine Bush, NY. Photo 1

Blue Cliff Monastery is a 80-acre (0.32 km2) Buddhist monastery located in Pine Bush, New York. It was founded in May 2007 by monastic and lay practitioners from Plum Village in France. The monastery is under the direction of Thich Nhat Hanh's Order of Interbeing in the Vietnamese Zen tradition. The monastery is located in the lush green Hudson Valley of New York. Inside the property there are two ponds and a creek, and out of its 80 acres 65 are forest. Visitors are welcome to practice mindfulness with the fourfold community of monks, nuns, laymen and laywomen.

Jun 11 2011

Buddhist Vihara in Port Richmond, Staten Island

Buddhist Vihara in Port Richmond, Staten Island. Image 1

The need for a Buddhist Vihara in Staten Island for the benefit of the large number of Sri Lankan and other Buddhist residents of the island and its vicinity was felt several years ago. However, until recently, the religious and spiritual needs of the Sri Lankan and other Buddhists were fulfilled by the New York Buddhist Vihara in Queens, New York.

Dec 02 2012

Chuang Yen buddhist monastery in Carmel, NY

Chuang Yen buddhist monastery in Carmel, NY. Photo 1

Chuang Yen Monastery (Chinese: 莊嚴寺; pinyin: Zhuāngyán Sì; literally "solemn monastery") is a Pure Land buddhist monastery in Carmel, New York. The monastery was built and is maintained by the Buddhist Association of the United States on land donated by C. T. Shen. His autobiography, My Memoir is published by The Institute for Advanced Studies of World Religions and is distributed free at the monastery.
The monastery grounds contain several prayer halls, dormitories, a dining hall, a memorial area, and a library.

May 25 2011

Hanmaum Zen Center of New York, Brooklyn

Daehaeng Kun Sunim (the Great Master Daehaeng) established the first Hanmaum Seon (Zen) Center in Anyang city, just south of Seoul in 1972. There she began to teach people about their own true nature and how to rely on that nature.

Dec 09 2012

Kadampa Meditation Center in Glen Spey, NY

Kadampa Meditation Center (Glen Spey, NY) with Kelly

Kadampa Meditation Center New York is the site of the resplendent US Kadampa World Peace Temple. It is located amid 82 acres of lush woodland in the colorful Upper Delaware River Valley. Secluded walking trails, meditation spots, a creek-fed pond, and abundant wildlife surround the Temple, inviting visitors to connect with pure, natural surroundings. Kadampa Meditation Center is an international spiritual community open year-round for tours and visits. it's rich program of Modern Buddhism includes workshops, classes, special events, prayer services, and group and individual retreats.

Apr 17 2011

Mahayana Buddhist Temple in Manhattan

Mahayana Buddhist Temple in Manhattan. Image 1

Having spent several decades in building and completing the first Chinese Buddhist retreat in New York, Mrs. Ying then stopped and looked around to see what else is needed in Greater New York. She discovered that the Buddhist temples in the city are, even after these many years, still essentially all storefront temples.

Dec 08 2012

Mahayana Retreat Temple in Leeds, NY

Mahayana Temple (Chinese: 大乘寺;; pinyin: Da Cheng Si) is a Chinese Buddhist temple located within a forest in South Cairo, N.Y.. It is the retreat of the Eastern States Buddhist Temple of America, Inc. The retreat temple contain the Grand Buddha Hall, the Kuan Yin Hall, the 500 Arhat Hall, a six storied pagoda, and Earth Store Bodhisattva Hall as well as a three-unit temple dedicated to the spirits of the land.

Apr 17 2011

New York Buddhist Church in Manhattan

New York Buddhist Church in Manhattan. Image 1

The New York Buddhist Church (NYBC) is a temple of Jodoshinshu True Pure Land School Buddhism, whose head temple is Nishi-Hongwanji Temple in Kyoto, Japan. Shinran Shonin (1173-1262) is the founder of this school of Buddhism.