St. Vartan Cathedral, Manhattan

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St. Vartan Cathedral (Armenian: Սբ. Վարդան տաճար) in New York City is the first cathedral of the Armenian Apostolic Church to be constructed in North America. It is located in New York City on the corner of Second Avenue and Thirty-forth street and was built to resemble the St. Hripsime Church in Echmiadzin. St. Vartan's was consecrated on April 28, 1968 by His Holiness Vazgen I, Catholicos of Armenia and of All Armenians.

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The New York architectural firm Steinman, Cain & White, successor firm to McKim, Mead and White,) with Edward Utudjian of Paris as a consultant designed the Cathedral. The building includes two unique features distinct to Armenian architecture, the use of double-intersecting arches and a pyramidal dome soaring 120 feet above street level.

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Around the dome there are various symbols, including the figure of Jesus Christ; the Holy Spirit represented by a dove; the Greek letters alpha and omega superimposed on the scriptures; wheat and grapes representing the Eucharist; the Phoenix symbolizing resurrection etc. A series of high, narrow, stained-glass windows are set into the main walls of the cathedral below the dome depicting scenes in the life of Christ and early Christianity in Armenia. The patron saint of the cathedral, St. Vartan, is depicted fighting the Sassanid Persians who threatened the Armenian Church during the fifth century. Ecumenicism is symbolized in the portrait of St. Nerses and the crosses of Christendom.

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