St. Nicholas Orthodox Church, Queens

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St. Nicholas Orthodox Church was founded in 1916 as a parish of the North American Missionary Archdiocese of the Russian Orthodox Chuch. After the Russian revolution of 1917, the parish became part of the Metropolia, renamed the Orthodox Church in America (OCA) in 1970 after receving autocephaly (independence) from the Moscow Patriarchate.

St. Nicholas Orthodox Church, Queens. Image 2

The original wooden church was built in 1919 and was in use for nearly 50 years until its replacement in 1968 with the present building. While the founding members of the parish were almost exclusively of Russian, Galician, Carpatho-Russian, and Ukrainian origin, today St Nicholas parish provides the place of worship and spiritual care for people of various ethnic and cultural backgrounds: Russian, Ukrainian, Greek, Italian, Belorussian, American, Romanian, Georgian, Latin American, etc., who were either raised Orthodox, came to Orthodox Christianity after years of spiritual search, or converted from other denominations.

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14-65 Clintonville st.
Whitestone, NY, 11357
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