St. Nicholas Antiochian Orthodox Cathedral, Brooklyn

St. Nicholas Antiochian Orthodox Cathedral, Brooklyn. Image 1

In the mid 1890s, Arabic-speaking Orthodox Christians from various Middle Eastern countries living in Metropolitan New York formed the Charitable Syrian Orthodox Association. At that time the established Orthodox Church in North America was shepherded by clergy from the Church of Russia. A loft at 77 Washington Street in Manhattan was converted into the first church for the Arabic-speaking Orthodox.

St. Nicholas Antiochian Orthodox Cathedral, Brooklyn. Image 2

The parish outgrew their small church in Manhattan and in 1902, they purchased a building at 301-303 Pacific Street in Brooklyn where a larger Arabic-speaking community had been established. It was consecrated by the Russian Bishop Tikhon (later Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia), and named after the Great Wonder-Worker, Saint Nicholas, Bishop of Myra. In March 1904 St. Nicholas Church of Brooklyn was designated as Brooklyn cathedral.

The present building at 355 State Street in Brooklyn was purchased from the Episcopalians in 1920. Prior to the acquisition, it was called St. Peter's Episcopal Church. The parishioners were successful in converting it into an Orthodox House of worship with the proper iconostasis, icons, chandeliers, etc.

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