St. George Coptic Orthodox Church, Brooklyn

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Saint George, Coptic Orthodox Church of Brooklyn opened its doors for the flock of Christ on December 31, 1972. The service in St. George’s Church began immediately and was not rendered for the Brooklyn congregation alone, but also outreached to families in encompassing areas such as Staten Island, Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Long Island and some areas in New Jersey, and that is due to the lack of churches in those areas at that time.

When the building of the church was purchased, its maximum capacity was 180 persons. As the Coptic population increased expansions of the church seemed necessary. In 1984, the church began its first expansion and a new church for Saint Mina the Miracle Worker was established with a capacity of 40 persons. The church was expanded having a capacity of 250 persons.

St. George Coptic Orthodox Church, Brooklyn. Image 2

In 1996 a second extension started to take place and the church was designed to hold a capacity of 500 persons. New Sunday school classes were built, as well as a marble baptistery in the proper, traditional Coptic setting, in the northwest wing of the church. A shrine was only built for the reverent relics of the saints and miraculous icon of Saint Mary dripping oil. The iconostasis was extended and the icons were placed dogmatically according to the Coptic Church’s tradition. Saint Mina’s church was placed in the Southeast wing of the church and new pews were purchased and new marble altars were placed in both sanctuaries.

This project was complete in 1998, in preparation for the consecration of the new altars and icons, by the hands of His Holiness Pope Shenouda in the year 1998.

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