St. Elizabeth's Church, Manhattan

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Church of St. Elizabeth is a Roman Catholic parish church in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York, located at West 187th Street at Wadsworth Avenue, Manhattan, New York City. The parish was established in 1869, originally located on 187th Street at Broadway from 1869 to 1929.

The parish was founded in 1869 what was then known as Fort Washington by the Rev. Cornelius O’Callaghan. The parish's founding meant that it took on as an out-mission St. John’s in the Bronx, which was then being administered to by the Jesuits of Fordham University. St. John's broke off as its own parish in 1877. Te original address, as listed in 1892, was at King's Bridge Road, near 187th Street.

The present Neo-Gothic stone church was built 1929. A three-storey brick and stone rectory on West 187th Street was built 1913 for $20,000 to designs by architect Edward Lee Young of 12 East 30th Street.

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