Episcopal Church of the Mediator, The Bronx

Episcopal Church of the Mediator, The Bronx. Image 1

On August 15, 1855, a Protestant Episcopal society was organized in King's Bridge, and the name adopted was "The Church of the Mediator, Yonkers." In 1857, the society erected its first church, a frame structure costing five thousand dollars, on land presented by James R. Whiting, and a rectory was built soon afterward on adjoining land. Bishop Horatio Potter consecrated the church on November 6, 1864.

The present church, a neo-Gothic stone building surrounded by a tree-filled lawn, was designed in 1913 by Henry Vaughan (1845-1917), a prolific architect of churches and church-related building. Vaughan's credits include the original portion of Washington's National Cathedral, chapels at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York, the chapels at the Groton School (Groton, Mass.) and St. Paul's School (Concord, N.H.), and Serlo Organ Hall (now Methuen Music Hall, Methuen, Mass.). Bishop William T. Manning consecrated the building on January 23, 1927, as the church celebrated the clearing of its debt

The church is caretaker for another local landmark: one of the oldest, largest trees in the Bronx, known as the Corlear Sycamore, or Sister Tree, at Corlear Avenue and West 231st Street. The tree is so enormous that the sidewalk splits to accommodate it.

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