Church of the Holy Innocents in Highland Falls, NY

Church of the Holy Innocents in Highland Falls, NY. Photo 1

The Church of the Holy Innocents is located on Main Street in Highland Falls, New York, USA, not far from the main gate of the United States Military Academy and right across from the West Point Museum. It is an Episcopal church, established in 1841. The building, designed by Robert Walter Weir, a Hudson River School painter then employed as an instructor at the academy, was completed five years later and consecrated in 1847. The name "Holy Innocents" came from Weir's children, who died young.
The church property is a 17-acre (6.9 ha) lot between Main and Church streets north of Cozzens Avenue. Large mature trees shade the landscaped eastern portion of the property. The church is located near the northwestern corner, with a parking lot to the south accessible from Main Street.
The church building is a stone one-story structure with steeply pitched gabled roof and flared overhanging eaves. It is oriented northeast-southwest so that the chancel faces Jerusalem. A crenellated stone tower is located on the north corner. A parish room and sacristy are located in the extensions along Church Street from the western corner.

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Contact info:
401 Main Street, PO Box 116,
Highland Falls, NY 10928