Jun 18 2011

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Hollis, Queens

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Hollis, Queens. Image 1

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity was organized in 1908 as an English speaking congregation, succeeding a German congregation with the same name at the same location that had been organized in 1901 and closed in 1907.

Jun 17 2011

Magen David Synagogue, Brooklyn

Magen David Synagogue is an Orthodox Sephardi synagogue located in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, New York. Erected in 1921, the synagogue was designed by architect Maurice Courland in Neo-Romanesque style. The synagogue was at its height of popularity during the 1940s, 1950s, and early 1960s. The synagogue is still in continual use for daily and Shabbat prayers.

Jun 17 2011

St. Barbara's Church, Brooklyn

St. Barbara's Church, Brooklyn. Image 1

The Roman Catholic parish of St. Barbara was established in 1893 to serve German immigrants, many of whom worked in the breweries in the Bushwick area of Brooklyn. Bishop McDonnell dedicated the first church on Thanksgiving Day, 1893. It is said that the church was named for Barbara Epping, the wife of local brewer Leopold Epping. Over the years, the congregation has evolved to serve Italians and now Latin Americans who have displaced the original German population in the neighborhood.

Jun 17 2011

New Utrecht Reformed Church, Brooklyn

New Utrecht Reformed Church, Brooklyn. Image 1

New Utrecht Reformed Church is one of the original churches of the Reformed Church in America and was established in 1677. The first church building was constructed in 1700 at Main Street (now Liberty Pole Boulevard, also 84th Street) just off 16th Avenue, on the site now occupied by the Metropolitan Baptist Church and right next to the New Utrecht Reformed Church Cemetery.

Jun 17 2011

Friends Meetinghouse and School, Brooklyn

Friends Meetinghouse and School, Brooklyn. Image 1

Friends Meetinghouse and School is a historic Quaker meeting house at 110 Schermerhorn Street in Downtown Brooklyn, New York, New York. The meeting house is a 3 1⁄2-story building built of red brick with brownstone details. The meeting house was built in 1857.

Jun 12 2011

Church of the Holy Innocents, Brooklyn

Church of the Holy Innocents, Brooklyn. Image 1

The Roman Catholic Church of the Holy Innocents was founded in 1909 to serve the Flatbush area of Brooklyn. A first church building was erected on East 17th Street at Beverly Road, and the site would eventually include a rectory and school.

In 1922, plans were approved for the construction of a much larger church and rectory to be located on the same site. The 1,100-seat church was designed in the Late Gothic Revival style by Helme & Corbett, who were also the architects of St. Gregory's Church in Brooklyn.

Jun 12 2011

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Grotto in Rosebank, Staten Island

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Grotto in Rosebank, Staten Island. Image 1

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Grotto is a national historic district located at 36 Amity Street in Rosebank, Staten Island, New York. It is a historic Roman Catholic grotto designed and constructed by the local Italian American community. Work on the distinctive concrete and stone folk art structure was begun in 1937 and continues to the present. The property includes the grotto, a frame meeting hall dated to about 1920, and contributing landscape features and ancillary structures and objects.

Jun 12 2011

Shree Ram Mandir in Sunnyside, Staten Island

Shree Ram Mandir in Sunnyside, Staten Island. Image 1

The Hindu families residing in Staten Island organized together under the banner of Staten Island Hindu Temple for the purpose of building a temple in the Island for the first time in 1997. The temple was registered by the State of New York as of December 22, 1997 as a not-for-profit organization to foster Hindu religious traditions and ideals in the community. The bylaws of the temple were adopted at a meeting of the Board of Directors held on January 28, 1998. Devotees started assembling on Friday evening every week for prayer in a rented hall.

Jun 12 2011

Temple Emanu-El in Port Richmond, Staten Island

Temple Emanu-El in Port Richmond, Staten Island. Image 1

Temple Emanu-El was founded in 1907. There are various versions as to its founding. One is that it started as a Sisterhood interested in Judaism. The other version is that it began with a group of mostly young, immigrant businessmen on Port Richmond Avenue, then the main street of Staten Island. The story goes that when they began to have children they were concerned for the children's Jewish education and upbringing and started a fund based on the winnings of their Saturday night poker games.

Jun 12 2011

St. Joseph's Church in Rosebank, Staten Island

St. Joseph's Church in Rosebank, Staten Island. Image 1

In 1901, Father Paolo lacomino was sent by the Archdiocese to lay the groundwork for a new parish in the community of Rosebank. The area was predominantly European and was called Rosebank due to the exceptional amount of rose bushes cultivated in the community.