Dec 08 2012

Mahayana Retreat Temple in Leeds, NY

Mahayana Temple (Chinese: 大乘寺;; pinyin: Da Cheng Si) is a Chinese Buddhist temple located within a forest in South Cairo, N.Y.. It is the retreat of the Eastern States Buddhist Temple of America, Inc. The retreat temple contain the Grand Buddha Hall, the Kuan Yin Hall, the 500 Arhat Hall, a six storied pagoda, and Earth Store Bodhisattva Hall as well as a three-unit temple dedicated to the spirits of the land.

Dec 02 2012

Chuang Yen buddhist monastery in Carmel, NY

Chuang Yen buddhist monastery in Carmel, NY. Photo 1

Chuang Yen Monastery (Chinese: 莊嚴寺; pinyin: Zhuāngyán Sì; literally "solemn monastery") is a Pure Land buddhist monastery in Carmel, New York. The monastery was built and is maintained by the Buddhist Association of the United States on land donated by C. T. Shen. His autobiography, My Memoir is published by The Institute for Advanced Studies of World Religions and is distributed free at the monastery.
The monastery grounds contain several prayer halls, dormitories, a dining hall, a memorial area, and a library.

Sep 15 2012

Monastery of St. Irene of Chrysovalantou, Queens

Monastery of St. Irene of Chrysovalantou is a greek orthodox christian church and monastery in Astoria, Queens. The present church building was built in 1972. Since 1990, the church has been the site of a proclaimed miracle - a weeping icon of St. Irene. Also the purported hand of St. Irene Chrysovalantou is currently preserved here.

Sep 15 2012

Immaculate Conception Church, Jamaica, Queens

Immaculate Conception Church, Jamaica. Photo 1

In 1923 Bishop Thomas E. Molloy of the Brooklyn Diocese invited the Passionists to establish a new parish in Jamaica, Queens. On July 5, 1924 the parish of the Immaculate Conception was formally organized when founding pastor, Father Chrysostom Smith, C.P. celebrated the first Mass in the library of the Degnon mansion. A small temporary framed church was erected on the grounds and the first public Mass was celebrated on November 9, 1924.

Sep 12 2012

Meseritz Sinagogue, Manhattan

Meseritz Sinagogue, Manhattan. Photo 1

Meseritz Shul, AKA Edath Lei'Isroel Ansche Meseritz, is a 1910 Orthodox synagogue on New York city's Lower East Side. It was built by a congregation established in 1888 consisting of immigrants from Międzyrzec Podlaski (Mesritch, Poland). The synagogue is located at 415 East 6th Street. Pesach Ackerman has served as Rabbi since 1969. The synagogue is unusual in being a very small, urban congregation on a narrow lot that has an extremely beautiful neo-classical facade, and is the last operating "tenement synagogue" in New York City's East Village.

Sep 12 2012

Evangelical Lutheran Church of St. Matthew, Manhattan

Evangelical Lutheran Church of St. Matthew, Manhattan. Photo 1

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of St. Matthew is the oldest Lutheran congregation in North America. The congregation belongs to the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod. Since 2006, the congregation has been located at the Cornerstone Center, at 178 Bennett Avenue. The congregation has been known by different names, only acquiring the name St. Matthew in 1822 and using it exclusively in 1838. The congregation was founded 1643 by Dutch Lutherans in New Amsterdam but the church was not chartered until December 6, 1664.

Sep 11 2012

St. Augustine's Church, Manhattan

St. Augustine's Church, Manhattan. Photo 1
St. Augustine's Church at 290 Henry Street between Montgomery and Jackson Streets in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York City, was built in 1827-29 as the All Saints' Free Church, and was constructed out of Manhattan schist. The design – a Georgian structure with Gothic windows – is credited to John Heath, and includes a double pediment and a projecting tower. The church was enlarged in 1848 with the addition of a sanctuary and a chancel.

Jul 01 2012

Immaculate Conception Church, Queens

immaculate conception church, astoria

Immaculate Conception Church is Roman Catholic christian church located at 29th strit in Astoria, Queens. The first congregation mass took place on January 27, 1924 at 2819 Ditmars Avenue, the home of Dr. John J. Dempsey. An increase of worshipers number resulted the hiring of “Offenbacher’s Hall” on Second Avenue to accommodate these rapidly expanding needs and it was here that Immaculate Conception’s first organizational meeting was held on the night of February 6, 1924. The construction of present church building was finished on Christmas 1924.

Jun 17 2012

St. Nicholas of Myra Church, Manhattan

St. Nicholas of Myra Church, Manhattan

The St. Nicholas of Myra Church is an American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese (ACROD) church dedicated to Saint Nicholas, located at 288 East 10th Street, on the corner of Avenue A in the East Village neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City, across from Tompkins Square Park.
The church was built in 1883 as the Memorial Chapel of St. Mark's Church in-the-Bowery, designed in Gothic Revival style by James Renwick, Jr. – who also designed Grace Church and St. Patrick's Cathedral – and W. H. Russell. The chapel was a gift of Rutherford Stuyvesant,

Jun 17 2012

St. Mary’s Byzantine Catholic Church, Manhattan

St. Mary’s Byzantine Catholic Church, Manhattan. Photo 1

St. Mary’s parish dates to 1912, the heyday of Carpatho-Russian immigration to the United States. The parish first used a former Welsh Presbyterian church building at 255 East 13th Street. The present building was designed in 1959, by the Rev. Cajetan J.B. Baumann, who was a Franciscan friar in addition to being an architect. He designed a range of religious buildings both in New York and elsewhere. This church building was the first all-glass church in the country, with a design that emulates temples of early Christianity in Greece.